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Grade Evaluator 2.6


March 29, 2012 (Thursday):

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Project Description

Grade Evaluator is a freeware application developed by Parasoft Applications that quickly computes and evaluates student's course and grade. It determines whether the student will pass the subject or fail. Grade Evaluator gives the student an ease and comfort in computing course grades, determining weaknesses and strengths, and gives an organized treatment of data for better analysis and evaluation.

 Grade Evaluator 2.6 

Fast, Reliable and Accurate. Grade Evaluator 2.6 quickly computes and evaluates student's course grade. There's nothing to worry, know your class standing in seconds. Grade Evaluator ensures the calculation's precision and accuracy within decimal points.

Student Profile, Course History, Grade Records, Templates enables the student to save his / her school performance for future use and evaluation. Grade Evaluator supports two school grading systems: Percent Grading System and Points Grading System. Grade Evaluator also supports different Academic Grading Scale from different countries and schools wherein the student can request an Academic Grading Scale Template online.

Student Profile Feature

Keep track of your records. Grade Evaluator keeps track of your grade records and course performances all throughout your school life. Student Profiles are also provided for multiple student users. Let your classmates and the whole section use Grade Evaluator!

Grade Evaluator is an all-in-one software that lets the student compute, evaluate and store his / her grades. It serves as the calculator, report card, and grade records organizer that a student can use during his / her school days.  


  • Quickly computes and evaluates course and student's grade with ease and comfort.
  • Supports 9 course requirements that can be renamed and add a maximum of 10 course sub-requirements.
  • Student Profile keeps track of your grade records and course performances all throughout your school life.
  • Gives a detailed and organized treatment of data for better analysis and evaluation using the Summary and Computation mode.
  • Visualize strengths and weaknesses in evaluating your grades with a Color-Coded Computation values and Course Performance Legend.
  • Supports different grading system on your school or your country. Choose between the two grading system: Percent Grading System and Points Grading System.
  • Distribute requirement percent or points weight evenly or separately.
  • Uses an Academic Grading Scale where grades are standardized measurements of varying levels of comprehension within a subject area. Templates like Grade Point Scale (5.00 to 1.00), Grade Point Scale (1.00 to 4.00), Letter Grade System (A to F), customized templates and request a template online were also available.
  • Compute your final grade using Grade Considerations, Earnhart's Consideration Formula and Requirement Exemptions.
  • Saves your data records for future use using Grade Records.
  • Creates course requirement template for template sharing and multiple course evaluation with the same course requirements using Grade Templates.
  • Saves your data in a text file for printing purposes using Grade Text Files.
  • Quick response Customer Support Desk and Academic Template Request
  • Equipped with Built-in Help & Tutorial User Guide.
  • Safe and secured Automatic and Manual Software Update for future releases and bug fixes.
  • Equipped with built-in tools like Pocket Calculator and NotePad 

 System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems:  Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed
  • 400 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent (Minimum); 1GHz Pentium processor or equivalent (Recommended)
  • 128 MB installed memory
  • Up to 25 MB of available free disk space may be required
  • Connection to the Internet (cable modem, DSL or better)
  • At least, 800x600 Screen Resolution 16-bit color depth resolution or higher

Customer Support Desk

Help us improve the quality, reliability and performance of Grade Evaluator software. Feel free to fill up the form for suggestions, recommendations and bug reports. We are glad to serve you:

For more information about Grade Evaluator software, visit:

Grade Evaluator has an error-report generator in a text format that is automatically created when the program crashes / encounters a problem. You can send this error report to help us improve Grade Evaluator.


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