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February 4, 2012: Grade Evaluator 2.5 version release


Grade Evaluator 2.5 aims to its user friendliness and easy-to-use application which gives the user an ease and comfort in computing and evaluating course grades. In just one click, a student may know his/her class standing in the class. No more worries. Evaluate your course / subject in a matter of minutes.

  1. Faster program initialization that removed a 2 seconds time delay.
  2. Twitter Menu Link was added.
  3. Enhanced Error Report Generator.
  4. "Request a Template" button on the Academic Grading Scale was changed to "Request Template".
  5. "Load" button on the Academic Grading Scale was added.
  6. Integrated "Academic Grading Scale" was introduced.
  7. "\ / : * ? " > < |" invalid character filter on "Course Profile" was added.
  8. Grade Evaluator's authors and developers were updated.
  1. REPORT REF# 1211-011. Unexpected program exit, saving and closing grade record while cancelling the save as grade record was fixed.
  2. REPORT REF# 0112-001a. Exemptions Dialog Box Cancel Button Bug was fixed.
  3. REPORT REF# 0112-001b. Considerations Dialog Box Cancel Button Bug was fixed.
  4. REPORT REF# 0112-001c. Grading System Dialog Box Cancel Button Bug was fixed.
  5. REPORT REF# 0112-001d. Academic Grading Scale Dialog Box Cancel Button Bug was fixed. (FIXING)
  6. REPORT REF# 0112-002. Unexpected "\t" in the Course Assessment Notepad Bug was fixed.
  7. REPORT REF# 0112-003. Twitter Link Bug was fixed.
  8. REPORT REF# 0112-004. Restart Grade Record that sets requirement name's color to white was fixed.
  9. REPORT REF# 0112-005. Academic Grading Scale's last "from" control maximum / minimum bug was fixed.
  10. REPORT REF# 0212-006. Non-exempted requirements that turns the requirement name's color to gray was fixed.
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